What We Offer

What We Offer
Easter Seals Wisconsin's FARM Program (Farm Assessment and Rehabilitation Methods) helps a farmer or agricultural worker accommodate a disability by enabling him or her to:

  • Continue to farm or return to farming
  • Develop an alternative agricultural enterprise
  • Begin an agricultural enterprise

What to expect
After a referral is made, the farmer can expect a phone call from a FARM Rural Rehabilitation Specialist who will help with:

  • Information collection
  • Referral
  • Accessing needed resources

The farmer can expect a visit from a FARM Rural Rehabilitation Specialist who will:

  • Offer a confidential worksite assessment
  • Define with the farmer tasks that must be completed daily and seasonally
  • Describe options that may be available to address disability-related limitations affecting the farmer's ability to complete such tasks
  • Work with the farmer to develop an individualized plan of recommendations for specific equipment, equipment adaptations, worksite modifications or job restructuring that address the farmer's disability-related limitations in completing farm tasks

Throughout the process, the farmer can expect FARM Program staff to reflect the integrity and honesty of the rural population. FARM staff will say clearly what they will do, and they will do it. They will offer support, encouragement, advocacy, and respect for farmers' knowledge and time.

When the farmer or farm family desire further resources or information, the FARM Rural Rehabilitation Specialist can offer referrals to an extensive network, including:

  • Educational resources and information
  • Support groups
  • Farm safety information
  • Stress management
  • Health care information
  • Research to identify and obtain financial support to implement recommendations made by FARM staff

First step: Please e-mail , FARM Technical Assistant, or call 800-422-2324 x106.

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